Endless movement

Endless movement project is a group of sculptures, each of them combining movement and luminescence.

The main task of the project is to show organic harmony of something that is mechanical as well as artistic and profound, based on our perception of life and natural origin. That is why in the construction of sculptures the mechanical component is fully transparent, naked in all of its glory. So that you can see how, deprived of any digital control and only relying on the laws of physics, these machines are arranged and working. For the sake of the general stylistic concept, only natural materials are used such as metal, wood and paper.

Project is focused on a timeless representation of objects.

The details turn the sculptures into a kind of living, holistic mechanism, where the elasticity of line or form and mechanical basis are organically combined. The ability of sculptures to emit light enhances visual perception and creates hormonal, complete images that are  individualistic, but at the same time, united by the general concept of the Endless movement.


Andrey Avdeenko
Oleh Samoilenko


The essence of tropical flora and fauna. It feels like the object is a second away to fly. The openwork construction of the sculpture seems to float in the air. And the building blocks bring the entire composition to life swaying gently towards each other.


Songs, music, dance and drama peacefully coexist in a single object. It’s like you are in the Japanese KABUKI theatre. Every deliberate move and note are precise and focused on an overall impression. The sculpture emphasizes the beauty of open structures and focuses on the moving parts’ trajectories.


The illuminated by moving light sources, alternately pulsating form symbolizes the permanency and cycling structure of life processes. The sculpture is built from contrast materials, like life itself.


Sculpture 903 makes an oscillating movement along its usual trajectory. The viewer’s mind slows down and adjusts to a meditative perception of the world around without any notice. The vessels move smoothly, the miracle is about to happen, something new is about to be born, the artificial intelligence has already created a perception of parallel reality (or reality itself), and the matrix has you.


This exhibit appeals to the outer space. The volumetric elements and delicate supports move on a cyclical trajectory, reminding us of the infinity of the universe both with the human thought, that came to life through it.


Patience and focus are the key to ERNST’s object understanding. Visually simple yet filled with different meanings, the sculpture encourages the viewer to create a single story. Similar to Bosch’s painting, the object is ready to trigger different pictures and emotions in mind.


A specially constructed core mechanism makes the sculpture pulse movements. Being static HOVER lurks as if in nature. Once activated, the mechanism goes live floating in the air.


DODO is an X-shaped planer composition supported by volumetric elements with a truncated cone as the main one. The physics of the object is based on the principle of a pendulum, and the flow of light imitates the effect of a Fresnel lens. Imaginably, the sculpture as a whole creates a perception of a mysterious bird.


60 years ago, NASA has launched the first manned spacecraft GEMINI into Earth’s orbit. Kinetic sculpture GEMINI by Smith&Winkin is a milestone and reminder of the permanent mankind movement ahead. The shape of the sculpture resembles not only the spaceship but also the twins (Gemini). Together they confidently pursue the intended goal.


Weaponized Japanese hand fan Tessen is the basis of the sculpture’s shape. It shows interactions of the materials while moving – the firmness of metal, the flexibility of wood, the delicacy of pleater.